Old roots music: songs, ballads,
old & new tunes.

Singing songs that tell stories of women and men who pre-date the dreams of the prairie settlers, Paddy Tutty's music has a quality of magic in it that reminds the fields themselves of their former glory. - The Gravelbourg Tribune, Gravelbourg, SK


Paddy Tutty

Paddy Tutty

is a singer of mostly traditional music: ancient ballads, songs of wit and mirth, songs of working people and seasonal pageants. Her concerts entwine old and new folk music, embellished with fretted dulcimer, guitar, fiddle and concertina.

Prairie Druid Recordings

Prairie Druid Recordings

Tutty's simple, straightforward interpretation of traditional material has stood the test of time.


Songs from Nature

Seasonal pageants - songs of the land - songs to mark the turn of the year

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Album Reviews

The Roving Jewel

I've always enjoyed Paddy's voice. She has a distinctive timbre, passion which never gets out of control, masterful pacing in the ballads where her voice alternately soars like a lark in the sky and gently folds around phrases like a leaf round a bud. Rosaleen Gregory, Canadian Folk Music.

Live Reviews

Paddy Tutty in Concert

Paddy plays a rocking dulcimer! Her guitar, fiddle and dulcimer were all perfectly matched to the songs that she sang and she explores both Child Ballads and Appalachian traditional music with the same reverent verve. Pondside Music, Victoria, BC